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Bunions are swollen and tender bumps formed by the bone found at the base of the big toe. Essentially, the first joint slants inward, while the second joint on the big toe angles toward the other toes. Also known as hallux valgus, this bump is a slowing-moving misalignment. Other symptoms tend to occur over time and include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Sore skin
  • Other changes in foot shape

Identifying Bunions

Do bunions run in your family? It’s possible that you have inherited a foot type that is more prone to the development of bunions. While tight shoes will not cause bunions, they can speed up the formation of one.

Do I Need Surgery?

When in doubt, consult one of our knowledgeable doctors at The Foot & Ankle Center. By utilizing x-ray technology, we will be able to view the bunion’s current state. To ease your pain, discuss non-surgical and surgical options with our doctors.

Preventative Measures

Bunions may occur or continue without taking these simple preventative measures:

  • Monitor your big toe’s shape
  • Wear shoes that fit
  • Avoid high heels

In order to properly diagnose your bunion, schedule an appointment online or call our office at (314) 487-9300. Our podiatrists will recommend the proper steps to recovery.