Advanced Technology: Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™

woman with bunions

Bunions can make everyday activities uncomfortable. They’re bony and sometimes painful bumps that form when prolonged pressure on a toe pushes it toward the others, causing the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint at the base of the toe to become misaligned and unstable.

Both traditional treatments and Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ offer viable solutions for patients seeking relief. While traditional bunion surgeries have been effective for many, Lapiplasty® is designed to correct the root cause of bunions.

Is Bunion Surgery Right for You?

You may be ready to consider surgery if you:

  • have persistent foot pain that impedes your normal daily activities.
  • are unable to wear shoes comfortably.
  • experience stiffness and decreased movement of the big toe.
  • have chronic inflammation and swelling
  • have tried non-surgical treatments, like taking pain relievers and wearing custom orthotics or night splints, to no avail.

Your podiatrist will work with you to find the best solution, which could be Lapiplasty®.

How Does Lapiplasty® Work?

Most bunions, 87% to be exact, are misaligned in three dimensions, with the bone often leaning sideways, elevating up, and rotated out of alignment.

Traditional bunion surgery uses a two-dimensional approach that addresses the symptoms. In an osteotomy, the metatarsal bone is cut in half and moved over to reduce the appearance of a bump and straighten the toe. Yet, this leaves the bone crooked, and the bunion could return since the unstable joint remains.

Meanwhile, Lapiplasty® addresses the misalignment from three dimensions by fixing the unstable joint, significantly reducing the likelihood of recurrence. Here’s how it works!

  1. Using advanced instrumentation, the surgeon rotates the bone back to its normal position, naturally removing the bone and straightening the toe.
  2. Patented titanium plates secure the joint in place, allowing patients to walk within days.

How Long Is Recovery From Lapiplasty®?

Each patient will have a different time frame and doctor’s orders based on their condition. However, a general timeline for recovery is as follows. You could:

  • get back on your feet and in a walking boot in 10 days,
  • transition back into wearing comfortable shoes in 6 weeks, and
  • resume normal activities and wear normal footwear in 4 months.

Be sure to ask your podiatrist what your particular recovery protocol will look like.

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