How to Keep Your Feet Healthy During the Summer

Flip flop and sandal season is in full swing! Nothing beats freeing your feet from heavy winter shoes. As you go about your vacation and enjoy the outdoors, be mindful of how to keep your feet healthy this summer.

Put Sunscreen on Your Feet

Even SPF 100 has hit stores, and applying sunscreen has become an essential part of enjoying outdoor activities. It’s easy to remember to protect the face, arms, and legs from the sun’s harmful rays, but what about feet? Yes, even feet can become sunburnt! Ensure sunscreen is on your ankles, heels, and the backs and tops of your feet. Do this before putting on flip flops or sandals, as you won’t want an oddly shaped sunburn!

Limit Time Spent in Flip Flops

This quintessential summertime footwear has its ups and downs. While easy to put on and inexpensive, flip flops are flimsy and lack support. Continuous use can lead to arch and heel pain and tired and sore feet. So, while flip flops are perfect for wearing to the beach or letting the dog out, it’s best to wear more supportive shoes when walking for extended periods of time.

Break in Sandals Gradually

With a new season comes new shoes! Putting winter boots and sneakers in the closet and pulling out new sandals is thrilling. However, these sandal straps can apply uncomfortable pressure to your foot and cause painful blisters to appear. Prevent this by wearing sandals for short amounts of time until they’re broken in. Wear them around the house to loosen up the straps a bit, and you’ll be able to wear them on vacation without getting blisters.

Don’t Go Barefoot A Lot

Letting your feet go barefoot can be a great part of summer. Feel the firm hardwood floors, soft grass blades, cool water from the pool. This carefree state of mind makes summer even more enjoyable. Yet, walking around barefoot can lead to bacterial infections and plantar warts. So, when out and about in high traffic areas, like the locker room and hotel hallways, make sure to wear something on your feet.

Prevent Smelly Feet

An all too common part of the summer is having sweaty and smelly feet. You don’t need to feel embarrassed. Prevent foot odors from occurring by changing out socks daily, or even more when needed, and wearing open-toed shoes when possible. Remember to wash your feet every day and dry them carefully, and alternate shoes daily to let them dry.

Take Along Skin-Care Items

Bringing along first aid supplies is always a good idea. You never know when you might need them! Along with standard first aid supplies – like antibiotic cream to treat skin injuries and bandages to cover minor cuts and scrapes – pack these extra skin-care items for your feet:

  • Aloe vera to relieve sunburns
  • Blister pads to reduce friction and promote healing
  • A pumice stone to soften and exfoliate skin
  • Nail clippers to keep nails trimmed
  • A nail file to smooth rough edges

Consult a Podiatrist with Any Questions

Do you think your feet are not summer-ready? Or did you injure your foot on vacation and need medical attention? Talk with one of our knowledgeable doctors at The Foot & Ankle Center. We can identify the exact problem and help you get back to having fun in the sun! Call us at (314) 487-9300 or request an appointment online today!