The Future of Stem Cell Therapy in Podiatry

In our recent blogs, we’ve taken you through the ins and outs of stem cell therapy and how regenerative medicine can help heal your podiatric ailments. Now we’re winding down our three-part series by dipping our toes in what the future looks like for stem cell therapy and how that benefits you. Read about it below!

Stem Cell Therapy Today

As we continue unraveling and understanding the science behind stem cells and how they work, regenerative medicine is becoming more prevalent in the medical field and more readily available. Yes, many notable professional athletes have chosen stem cell therapy to help them get their A-game back, but the treatment is now becoming more widely available to nearly every patient. This treatment is also incredibly safe since stem cells naturally occur within the human body, and it can benefit just about any patient.

What’s the Big Deal About Stem Cells?

Because of stem cells’ nature to divide and change into whatever type of cell is needed within the injured part of the body, stem cell therapy is highly effective and may provide faster healing and recovery times than traditional methods! If you had an ankle injury and opted for stem cell therapy, the cells introduced to your ankle would become cartilage cells, ligament cells, or bone cells to expedite healing.

Regenerative medicine is also versatile and treats an array of podiatric conditions, especially those that have been particularly difficult to treat. Whether you have plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, arthritis, chronic ankle sprains, or soft tissue damage, stem cell therapy can offer you painless, effective healing.

Paving the Way for the Future

Right now, scientists continue to study stem cells in the hopes of developing more effective treatments. A great deal of research is being conducted on adult stem cells, especially since there are ethical and legal roadblocks related to embryonic stem cells. Scientists are looking in particular at mesenchymal stem cells (a.k.a. multipotent stromal progenitor cells). These cells are found in the bone marrow and have the ability to change into many types of cells to promote healing within the body. Right now, researchers are trying to determine if there are more effective ways of introducing these cells into the body at different stages of healing!

With stem cells and their unique ability to transform and heal damaged tissue and wounds, the possibilities are endless. With more research and a greater understanding from practitioners and patients, regenerative medicine will become even more available in podiatry. We at The Foot & Ankle Center are proud to provide regenerative stem cell therapy. Call the knowledgeable doctors at (314) 487-9300 to learn more or schedule your appointment today!