What Are COVID-Toes and What Should I Do if I Have Them?

You’re probably familiar with the main symptoms that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) manifests: cough, fever, and shortness of breath. However, as time progresses we are beginning to notice a host of strange symptoms that millions of people have experienced, including anosmia (the loss of smell and taste), brain fog, hallucinations, and many more. Now it’s time to add yet another symptom to the ever-growing list: COVID-toes. Learn all about COVID-toes, what they look like, and what you should do if you suspect you have them.

What Are COVID-Toes?

This uncommon symptom is a dermatologic rash that affects the feet and/or hands of someone who tests positive for COVID-19. This blue or purplish-red rash often occurs on 1-3 toes and can usually be found on the tips of the toes, the tops of the feet, and/or the sides of the feet.

Who Gets COVID-Toes?

While there isn’t any solid scientific data on this yet, some emerging evidence shows that typically children and young adults who test positive for the coronavirus experience COVID-toes. This symptom is often one that develops early on, and patients may experience them if they have mild or no other symptoms of COVID-19.

What Are the Symptoms of COVID-Toes?

Keep a close eye on your feet and toes for the following symptoms. You may experience one, many, or all of these symptoms:

  • Red, purple, or blue lesions
  • Raised, painful bumps on the toes
  • Hot, itchy, or burning sensations
  • Pain and soreness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Scabs or blisters as the infection progress

COVID-toes often look similar to pernio (a.k.a. chilblains), a dermatological condition that occurs when your skin is exposed to cold temperatures for too long.

How Long Do COVID-Toes Last?

Here’s the great news: COVID-toes have been shown to clear up typically within a week or 10 days by itself. There have been instances, however, in which this condition has lasted for longer, even for months, but this is less common.

How Are COVID-Toes Treated?

Generally, no treatment is required for COVID-toes since they heal on their own. The discoloration should improve as your body clears the infection. If you do experience pain or itching, topical treatments such as a hydrocortisone cream may help ease your symptoms.

What Should I Do if I Think I Have COVID-Toes?

If you notice discolored toes or feet, don’t panic! Make an appointment with the doctors at The Foot & Ankle Center for an evaluation, especially if your symptoms persist or worsen. There are many other reasons why you may develop a rash on your toes or feet, including fungal infections, Raynaud’s disease, dermatitis, or reactions to medications you may be taking.

Count on the Experts at The Foot & Ankle Center If you notice anything unusual whatsoever, don’t hesitate. Call the friendly and knowledgeable doctors at The Foot & Ankle Center! We can evaluate your symptoms and provide you with a treatment plan to help get you back on your feet. Call us today at (314) 487-9300 or request an appointment online with us!