Are Bunion-Correcting Sandals Worth Your Time and Money?

We see several patients suffering from bunions, and they often ask us what we think about various pain-management treatments. With spring close by, our patients have had open-toed shoes on their minds, so we weren’t terribly surprised when they began asking us about “bunion-correcting” sandals. There’s always some sort of new product out there that claims it can correct your podiatric problem quickly and painlessly, so we understand when our patients become curious about them. But are bunion-correcting sandals really all they’re made out to be?

What Causes Bunions?

Before we even think about discussing bunion-correcting sandals, we must first understand the ailment they “treat” – the bunion itself. Also known as hallux valgus, bunions form when the bone or tissue at the big toe’s joint moves out of place. They can be brought on by many factors, including genetics, foot injuries, arthritis, and joint diseases. Abnormal, repetitive motions can also force the joint to bend toward the other toes, resulting in a painful lump on the side of your big toe.

What are Bunion-Correcting Sandals?

Now onto the sandals! These shoes feature a special strap that wraps around the front of the foot and is anchored around the big toe. This strap supposedly helps relieve bunion pain while correcting and realigning the joint, keeping you comfortable and trendy all day. Sometimes, bunion-correcting sandals will also claim to help correct your posture and prevent hip and muscle imbalances as well.

Do Bunion-Correcting Sandals Really Work?

The short answer is no, they don’t. They may appear to work while you wear them; however, much like corrective lenses, whenever you take them off, any benefit you may experience from them will vanish. So while bunion-correcting shoes may relieve pain and pressure on your toe joint, they sadly won’t fix the issue at hand.

How Should I Manage My Bunion Pain?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can find relief from your bunions! The best thing you can do is wearing high-quality shoes with a wide-fit toe box. This will help prevent squeezing or irritating your bunions by giving them the space they need. We recommend avoiding high-heeled shoes and pointed shoes when you’re able – if you must wear them, make sure to save them for special occasions. Using shoe inserts, warm socks, and ice packs can help bring relief as well!

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