Get Your Feet Moving in the Lou

When you think of St. Louis, you may think about the hustle and bustle of a big city. The Foot & Ankle Center, however, thinks of how often we can all get out and just walk around. Consider the many sights there are to see here like the Arch, Forest Park, and City Museum – just to name a few. In case you haven’t been out much with the summer heat, let us remind you where you can get your feet moving in the Lou.

Gateway Arch

Of course, we have to start with the Gateway Arch. Find a meter on Market Street or a parking lot off Broadway to get your steps in for the day. Then, check the sidewalks for arrows pointing you to your destination. Don’t forget to pass through Citygarden – as the walkway is breathtaking this time a year. Choose to either walk around the Old Courthouse or through it to find yourself at the brand new entrance of the Gateway Arch Museum. It’s only a few more steps to the top from there.

Forest Park

This attraction is sure to give those toes of yours a good workout. Start by finding a free parking spot along the winding roads of Forest Park and make your way to the famous fountains. You then have an option to go paddle boating or chill out in the nearby café. There’s also the Jewel Box, Art Museum, Muny, and St. Louis Zoo all within walking distance. Speaking of the zoo, is there a better way to exercise for free than hanging out with the animals? We doubt it.

City Museum

If you’re more into climbing like the goats at the zoo, then this is the place for you. Explore the City Museum like that of any other St. Louisan looking for a fun night out. The twisty caves and coils are sure to challenge your abilities and skills. The folks who grew up on this massive jungle gym may find that the next generation loves this place almost as much as they did.

Science Center

Maybe you just want to learn more about how the world works. The Science Center is sure to give you a direct pathway to knowledge. Start from the Forest Park entrance and experience the space exhibit. You will have to cross Interstate 64 to get to the main attractions, but you’ll be safe on their hard-to-miss Skybridge. If you’re brave enough to move on, you will be welcomed into the prehistoric era, have a chance to watch a movie on IMAX, and so much more.

Brewery Tours

Last but not least, the heart of St. Louis is its breweries. With multiple choices throughout the region, you can visit them all with a St. Louis beer map on hand. Ask for a tour when you enter and don’t be surprised if you find the large horses greeting you at our most famous location downtown. If you’re over the age of 21, you’ll even get to try some of their beer for free.

Feeling the Burn?

You don’t have to be a visitor to enjoy everything that downtown St. Louis has to offer. But you do have to be one to get checked out at The Foot & Ankle Center. If you are experiencing pain in your feet from walking, running, or anything else, reach out for help. Don’t hesitate, schedule an appointment with our experts today by calling (314) 487-9300.