Go-To Supportive Summer Shoes

Shoes are expressive and supportive. After changing into clothes for work, the gym, or hanging out with friends, you grab a pair of shoes to complete the outfit. They make you stand a little taller, walk a little faster, and go a little farther.

No matter how casual and easy to wear, flip flops will always lack much-needed support. They’re ok if only used for a couple of hours; any more than that, and pain could occur in your arch and heel, and your feet could become tired and sore. Instead, opt for shoes with more arch support, thicker soles, and cushion. Let’s take a look at the go-to supportive summer shoes:


Want a shoe that is easy to slip on, like flip flops, but is comfortable to wear? Mules are the answer! People love wearing mules because there’s no heel for the back of the foot to rub against. Also, less pressure is applied to the balls of your feet since mules have a low heel height.


Sandal straps are good because they hold your feet in place. Adjustable straps are even better, as they can accommodate for bunions, hammertoes, wide feet, and more. Pay attention to the middle of the sole. If it bends, the sandal has poor arch support. So, look for sandals with a thick sole and good arch support as you’re shopping or evaluating the shoes you own.


Loafers are a great alternative to wearing heels and are just as professional. Compared to heels, loafers have more shock absorption and support. The sides and top of your foot will be supported by material. This all means less foot pain for you.  As you walk your company through your presentation, you’ll stand a little taller with the right pair of shoes. 


The best height for wedges? 2 inches or less! With each inch added, more pressure is applied to the ball of your foot, and your weight is less evenly distributed. A lower heel will allow you to walk for hours. Go dancing with your friends, and see how much faster you can dance with the right footwear. For more comfort and to prevent injury, put on wedges with a flexible forefront.

Sneakers or Closed-Toe Shoes

This option is perfect for going to the gym or on a hike. Sneakers, hiking boots, or other closed-toe shoes offer more protection than others. However, the one thing to watch out for is sweat. Choose shoes with a leather or mesh fabric to allow feet to breathe. With the proper footwear, you’ll go further on your exercise journey.

Chunky Sneakers

Dad shoes are in style! Their popularity made them stand out this season. Why, you ask? They provide excellent arch support, and their material has enough support for people to walk or stand for hours. Plus, they’re trendy!

See A Podiatrist Before Shoe Shopping

All of these summer shoes are go-to options for supporting your feet. Yet, if your feet are in constant pain, consider seeing a podiatrist. The doctors at The Foot & Ankle Center have the expertise to pinpoint the source of your pain and create a customized treatment plan. Call (314) 487-9300 or request an appointment today!