Expectations for Advanced Corrective Foot and Ankle Surgery

There’s a reason why your primary doctor will recommend a podiatrist when you are experiencing pain in your lower extremities. Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in the examination and treatment of the feet and ankles. When conservative healing methods no longer work for one’s injury or condition, podiatric surgery is required. There are several expectations that come with advanced corrective foot and ankle surgery. The Foot & Ankle Center, in particular, offers:

Podiatrists with Years of Experience

A reasonable expectation from patients is that they want their surgeon to have performed their particular procedure numerous times beforehand. We’re proud to provide certified doctors who have 30+ years of experience in operating through corrective surgery. Visit our Meet Our Doctors page to learn more about each of our knowledgeable podiatrists.

Local Procedures

In order to make your comfort and convenience our priority, The Foot & Ankle Center has several locations including St. Louis, St, Charles, Creve Coeur, Shrewsbury, Granite City, and Fairview Heights. Anticipate an in-office procedure to take place, but know that our surgical center is also offered on an outpatient basis. Having performed over 50,000 surgeries, we are confident that you will be able to schedule what works best for you.

Multiple Corrective Surgeries

Here you will find several types of surgery including Achilles tendon, ankle, arthritis, arthroscopy, bunion, hammertoe, heel, metatarsal, nerve (neuroma), and toe surgery. Also, cyst removal and flat foot correction is available.

Effective Recovery Steps

Following your procedure, you can look forward to a comprehensive recovery plan to get you back on your feet in no time. Part of that includes lying down or reclining with your surgically-repaired appendage kept in an elevated position. Ice will help to avoid swelling, while casts and bandages may be required depending on the type of procedure. It may take various amounts of time for each injury or condition to fully heal, but be ready to take it especially easy during the first two weeks after surgery.

Additional Therapy and Treatments

No matter what you need moving forward, we’re here for you. Whether it’s recommending physical therapy or custom orthotics, we want you to recover without any setbacks.

Still unsure if The Foot & Ankle Center is right for you? Request an appointment to see a podiatrist in person today by visiting our website or calling (314) 487-9300.