Meet Rev. John Bush, a Happy and Healed Patient!

When you experience heel pain, it can easily put your whole life on hold. Exercising or engaging in fun activities can come to a standstill, and workdays can become unbearable. That’s why we take great pride in helping our patients overcome their pain!

We recently had the pleasure of helping one of our customers, Reverend John Bush, with his heel pain, which was caused by plantar fasciitis. As the Executive Director of Seminary Support at Concordia Seminary, John is on his feet all the time, especially since he works at a standing desk.

John began noticing heel pain when he was walking on a concrete track at the YMCA in South County. At the time, he had no idea that it was the beginnings of plantar fasciitis. When the pain persisted for a few more days, his wife, who was a happy patient of ours, urged him to make an appointment with us. As soon as we saw John, we pinpointed the problem. We took x-rays of his foot and recommended orthotics, a temporary boot, cortisone shots, and exercises to help stretch the tendon.

“I didn’t wait long because I was in pain, and didn’t want to fool around with pain,” John said. “Their diagnosis and treatment plan were spot-on. They told me what to do to get better; I followed their instructions, and I got better in about a month.”

While John experiences mild pain every now and then, he self-treats it by using the exercises to stretch the tendon out, whether at work or at home. “I do know that if I get severe pain again, I would call and go back. They would fix me right up,” he added.

When it comes to heel pain, John said that it’s something you should tackle quickly and without hesitation. “I guess when you’re younger, you think you can tough it out, but it’s nothing to fool around with,” he said. “I would not hesitate to make an appointment with Foot and Ankle Center. They always treated me as a person and with respect, and I would recommend them to anyone.”

If you’re experiencing heel pain, take John’s advice (and ours) – don’t wait. Call us today at (314) 487-9300 or request an appointment with us online!