Choosing the Best Running Shoes

Whether you’re waking up for an early morning run or decide to go on an afternoon jog, a good pair of running shoes is a necessity. There’s a pair of shoes for everything when you think about it – ballerinas have slippers, hikers have boots, and runners wear running shoes. Everyone’s feet are different, so continue reading to learn how to choose the best shoes for you.

Running Shoe Basics

First, let’s take a look at the makeup of running shoes. They can be broken down into their essential parts to prevent injury:

  • Ankle collars – secure the foot in a shoe by fitting snuggly around the ankle.
  • Heel counters – reinforce the heel while providing support.
  • Midsoles – absorb shock from each heel strike while running.
  • Outer soles – provide traction for the bottom of the shoe.

Arch Height

One component that factors into your need for particular versions of these parts is the height of your arches. Flat arches, for example, require rigid heel counters for better support through shock absorbency. It is highly recommended for people with flat feet to also use custom-molded orthotic inserts for best results.

If The Shoe Fits

As you’ve learned from growing up, your feet increase in size over time. This means that your running shoes from last year may no longer fit. Check out these three easy steps in which to determine your shoe size. The proper fitting of shoes for your feet is approximately half an inch longer than your big toe with a comfortable width.

Different Pairs for New Surfaces

Do you prefer to run on the road, in the dirt, or at the gym? Each place has a different surface to consider. Pavements and tracks are nice and flat while hills are steep and rocky. Your feet will require more or less support depending on the circumstance. Try purchasing multiple pairs to avoid wearing them out too quickly.

Select Support Over Style

A lot of people tend to shop for style over support – ultimately leading to discomfort, pain, and injury. It’s easy to understand wanting to have the coolest shoes in the neighborhood, but at what risk? Find a happy medium between the two and buy what works best for your feet.

Get a Recommendation from a Podiatrist

Our knowledgeable doctors at The Foot & Ankle Center can examine your feet and recommend a pair of running shoes just for you. They can also determine any other issues your feet may currently be experiencing. There’s a possibility that your current running shoes work well but your feet or ankles are not functioning at 100%.

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